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About Us

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Welcome to Gorilland Safaris Ltd.

Gorilland Safaris Ltd. is a Rwandan registered transport service company, that was incorporated in August 2005.

We provide the highest quality transport and logistics management services to government institutions, corporate and VIPs.

At Gorilland Safaris Ltd. you will find that what matters to you matters to us:

Reliability, Client Safety and Peace of Mind.


To provide a noteworthy and reputable transport service that is environmentally friendly and satisfying to both users and operators.


To create value and make a difference in key roles of transport services across Africa, both for the government and private entities. We aim to inspire moments of optimism and happiness during drives to destinations that we take our clients to.


  • Be fair, open, honest and caring,
  • Be efficient,
  • Take responsibility,
  • Be reliable,
  • Strive for excellence.