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How do I book with Gorilland Safaris Ltd?

Our booking steps

Step 1

Liaise with Account Manager and agree on type of vehicle; number of days, destinations

Step 2

Issuing of purchase order and vehicle being assigned

Step 3

Return of the vehicle with supporting documents duly signed (road map); mission authorization of the government official, among other documents.

Why you should book one of the best transport services company

Leave it to the pros

Gorilland Safaris Ltd. has been providind the highest quality transport and logistics management services for over 20 years.

It has been proven that our services are compeitive and reliable.

The best company

You will find that what matters to you matters to us. Our services entail a personalized approach such that the client is at easy with safety being our greatest assurance and their mind at peace while using our services. Reliability is also our utmost guarantee.

Dedicated drivers

Our professional drivers are trained to handle major corporations and diplomatic protocols with the highest level of professionalism. They are experienced in handling even the most sensitive assignments.

Regulations Compliant

Our vehicles have authorization certificate for RURA as well as inspection certificate from Automobile Inspection Unit in the Rwanda National Police

Insurance coverage

Transportation include insurance coverage for the automobile. Our cars put on the road meet all insurance standards before they are put on the road. They are also testing for safety on the road and fulfill all requirements per the Rwanda law.

Extended hours

We are not just a 9 to 5 auto transport company. We are here 365 days a year and work extended hours. We are readily available to answer your car transportation questions or what makes us the best of all transportation companies.


Vehicles delivered

20 yrs



Satisfied customers



Our fleet of vehicles

Benz E-Class
Executive Van